Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ima and Aunt Laurie

Jacob flew back from the US with Ima and Aunt Laurie and while he drove to Blonduos they stayed in Reykjavik for two days. From the runway to the hotel they went and then on a half day tour to Geysir and the big waterfall. On Tuesday they enjoyed the blue Lagoon and flew to Isafjordur in the evening. It was wonderful to have our little house full and in no time Aunt Laurie got to work and added another room to our apartment. Don't believe me??? It's true. Her master organizing skills cleaned out a room and set it up as an office!!!!! Plus the laundry room is now even more fabulous and workable, woohoo.

Unfortunately once they arrived our weather turned colder and snowy once again, even though the previous week had been beautiful. Oh well, Ima is destined to find poor weather here. We walked around our little town, had lunch at the hotel and bakeries and just spent time together. Thursday was the first day of summer and we were all off which was fun. Then on Friday we rented a car and headed to Heydalur! The drive was uneventful, albeit a bit snowy at first. We checked in and headed to the summerhouse where we had stayed before. They were having some trouble with the pump bringing water to the house, and then there was no hot water and then the pump stopped working altogether, but it gets better - we headed to the natural hot pot in the car and before we knew it we were sinking in the mud! The road had gravel on top of it so it looked fine but there we were with the wheel wells in the mud. Ugh, out of the car, Aunt Laurie and Ima directed Jacob out trying to warn him of the rock...ugh out of the mud onto a rock which was actually keeping the car from sinking deeper. Aunt Laurie and Jacob got to pushing and Ima driving (Zelia and I were standing and watching). Nothing was helping, then Jacob lifted the car just enough and forward it went. Jacob backed the car out and parked it back at the house, ready for a drink:) The hot pot would have to wait.

Zelia woke first and early demanding to take her diaper off...weird but it was what it was. We eventually just got up and played in the living room, where eventually everyone joined us. We had a delicious breakfast of french toast and then walked to the hot pot. Perfect in every way and not that cold out either. When we got out the wind had picked up and we were grateful for the little hut to change in. Later, Jacob and Aunt Laurie went to the beach to find more mussels.

We decided to not stay for dinner and cleaned and packed and began the drive home. We saw a few seals, lots of geese and swans and ducks. And just as Jacob said it would be neat to see a whale, up on came 50 meters off the beach, a minke whale. We waited and waited for it to come back up but it was gone as quietly and as quickly as it showed up. Five minutes later Dennis called to tell us about Arnice and we all felt the same way, she had said her goodbye.

Jacob flew with Aunt Laurie to the US the following day and my mom and I flew out on Tuesday.