Friday, May 8, 2009

Fabulous week at Harpa's

Well, we have finally done it and gotten there, Zelia is doing great at Harpa's and enjoying it to boot! When she waked from her naps she walks around the house saying "Haapa, Haapa."

Today when I picked Zelia up Harpa was laughing and told me she was talking up a storm all day. She says all the kids' names and also the word tent in Icelandic. So, as I have mentioned she LOVES going outside and they usually go for an hour and a half in the morning. the routine goes like this, they get her clothes, she puts shafan in her nag, they get dressed and go to the gate to go downstairs. Now we have been having rainy/snowy weather and so they haven't been going out. (In the kindergarten when everyone is walking they go out no matter what - but don't make anyone, nice right?) Today, in the morning zelia went to her bag to get her clothes and Harpa thought, oh no she wants to go home. Zelia took her outdoor clothes, put in shafan and then walked to the gate with her bag - not interested in going home but in playing outside!

She is beginning to say baita for habaita (homeward).