Friday, May 29, 2009

The end of May

Well, the last few days have been grey and rainy but we have been assured that we did not just experience the shortest summer ever!

Tonight we are flying to Reykjavik and staying with Edda for two nights. Tomorrow we have plans to meet Katri and Pyry at the zoo and also a woman with her baby who went to Commonwealth. She wasn´t in school with Jacob but he just found out about alumni in Iceland. Check out the website for the zoo

On Sunday we will have brunch with Lana (Bates alum) and Erling her husband and another Bates alum who is here visiting before we head on the road in our CAR!!!!! We are "renting" Katri and Jukka´s car until August when they are selling it to the dancer who will be taking Katri´s place.

We plan on heading to Lautrabjarg, the bird cliff and staying Sunday night ina hotel there and then continuing the drive home on Monday. Sunday and Monday are holidays here, the Pentecost.

We had a wonderful anniversary celebration on Wednesday at the Tarhouse, where we ate very well and had a blast sharing the celebration with Gerdur and Gisli who have the same anniversary!!!!!! Danielle, Astrid, Henry and David also joined us. The meal was 5 courses, each one delicious. We began with plokfiskur, then bisque and then three main courses, steinbita (I think lump fish), a flat fish and then monkfish. Then we headed back to the house to enjoy a chocolate cake that Danielle and Astrid made for us with blueberry/rhubarb compote Jacob made.

Last night we had Emil, Jacob´s professor over for dinner and it was another delicious meal. Jacob made the Indian chicken we love, wheat berries and a spinach, chickpea curry dish. mmm, mmm, mmm

Unfortunatley I woke this morning with pink eye, so I am off to the doctor´s at 1. When I couldn´t open my eye early early this morning I thought, I haven´t felt this since I was like 4 years old!!!


Kasper Family said...

steinbitter is stone bitter or wolf fish, although the British call it catfish.