Monday, March 1, 2010

Blow it Down - A Zelia update

So Zelia has done an amazing job in this whole transition. During our time in MA she became very attached to her Amama, so i wasn't sure how it was going to play out. She seemed to understand quite well that we were going far away and when we were coming in for the landing in Iceland she said "habaita" homeward.....interesting. So she is constantly saying that she will fly on a plane to see amama and Saba.

It is also funny because she is constantly thinking about how they do things, when we eat eggs in te morning they are like Saba and Amama, when she eats a banana whole it's like Saba. The other day I asked her if she wanted me to cut it and she said, like Christophe!!!!! What a memory she has. She knows that Jack is in Reykjavik and the other morning she was sitting on her toy car saying bye bye to me. i asked her if se were driving to Reykjavik and she said yes to see Jack-Jack.

We both have robes here and whenever I put mine on she says, Saba's has a belt like Ima's. Amama's has a zipper.

When we draw she asks for Amam's house and like when I put Saba and Amama in the window with their cups of coffee and Sam-Sam in the is very entertaining. When they come Saba is to draw with the brown colored pencil and Amama with the blue...she is planning.

So for her birthday we got a bag of balloons and she also got two in the mail from Amama and Saba. She has a book about balloons in Hebrew and listens to it all the time. She was excited to have them around the house and she repeats part of the story. When she got the balloons in the mail Jacob blew them up, then she came to him and said "Blow them down Daddy" hehehehehe

She seemed to have forgotten a lot of her Icelandic and will not respond when people speak with her, but when it is just the two of us she practices and says the words in all three languages. Once she is in Leikskoli it will come back in a flash.