Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daisa kmo Grandma - Oatmeal like Grandma

This morning, after getting the bread machine going, Zelia and I headed out to the church to see if mommumorgun was happening. It was quite windy and incredibly icy - not easy walking. we got to the church and nothing....I figured we could go over to the sports' house and see if the gym was free so we could play a little bit. When we got there it was clear that the schedule is packed with PE classes, but Zelia was mesmerzied watching the older kids play! When the second group came in it was Pali's class and he was excited to see her and some of the kids asked her name.

We stayed for a while, checked out the very small and simple workout room and chatted with some folks. Eventually we learned that there is no mommumorgun anymore, but that there were 2 times during the week we could come and run around.

By the time we left we were both starving and Zelia asked for hot cereal. When ew got home I was making i along with some cooked prunes to put on top when she said "kmo Grandma" like Grandma. Her memory keeps surprising me although it shouldn't anymore. while we were in the US, one morning in Swampscott after Terri had spent the night she ate oatmeal with stewed fruit!


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