Monday, March 1, 2010


The drive was about 3-3.5 hours and we slept for most of it so I cannot report much about the view, but what I did see was quite different from the Westfjords. The land is much flatter, there our mountains off in the distance but not rising out of the water like the fjords. This is horse country and it became abundantly clear, the horses were everywhere and some cows here and there. We were shocked by the lack of looked like July and the winter at that point had truly been odd.

Haldor brought us right to our new place where we dropped everything off, whew! The place was great, so BIG compared to how we had lived in many bedrooms, a living room and Zelia's own room, with my little pony on the walls:) But it was completley empty, well except for an over, no furniture, no was time to get to work.

We stayed with Haldor and his family, Sigga (his wife and the local nurse) his 3 children, Oli, Pali and Gudrun Anna - all fabulous - who are as welcoming and kind as you can possibly imagine. That night after dinner we walked to his parents' house where we saw a bed we would buy, that his dad made for himself when he went off to school! We slept quite well and late. When we landed it was still dark until about 10am so that helped. We had places to go and sign papers and do all sorts of things, but before we knew it Haldor had found us a houseful of furniture!!!! Unbelievable, right?

There is an artists' residency in town, currently there are 10 artists from around the world here. When it was started about 3 years ago the town all gave their extra furniture and there was so much that we now have a fridge, tables, bed for Zelia, living room furniture all from them! While back in the Us we had already bought a few items from someone moving out of the country and we had to drive to Saudakrokur (45km away) to pick them uo. By some stroke of a luck a friend, Johana, we had known in Isafjordur had moved there with her children in August and she was helping us a LOT. We headed there, bought a dryer and a freezer and then picked things up from her including many things to help us begin in the kitchen - that was it we were staying in our new place on night #2.

By Friday we had headed to Bloundos (20 km away) to see the midwife and hear the heartbeat for the first time and to learn that I was at 16 weeks already.

The days continued a lot in this fashion, Halldor would make all sorts of things happen and we would have a used washing machine for cheap, appointments would be made, it was amazing.