Monday, March 1, 2010


The next weekend we drove back to Reykjavik and to see our friends Aude, Siggi and Herdis, stay with them and hit the shops...ugh, by the time we were done we would have been happy to not see any stores for a long time - we live in the right place, one super market and that's all.

We were successful at Ikea and other places and even got Zelia a play kitchen by the time we left, plus we did a BIG grocery shopping.

When we returned a delivery of toys from Sigga and Haldor was's hard to show enough gratitude.

Oh, and from time to time we have heard how Jack is doing and even got a picture of him, can you believe it???? They even went out and found him food for his allergies.


Agnieszka said...

Hi Andrea, I've come across your blog whilst trying to locate old friends and googling their names "Sigga and Haldor" . Would you be so kind to let me know whether these are Sigga and Haldor who used to live in London a few years ago and have a daughter called Isafolda (if I remember correctly)? I don't know their surname, but if they are the ones I used to know could you please let them know I've been looking for them. I'm on Facebook. Many thanks, Agnieszka Dutch