Thursday, March 18, 2010

a Lovely visit to Isafjordur

What can I was like coming home. We had a long drive and Zelia, as usual these days, was a champ in the car. We arrived at Gisli and Gerður's at about 6:30 and Zelia seemed like a new child. Since coming here she hasn't responded to anyone in Icelandic and actually was turning her head away, once with Gerður she wasn't speaking in sentences but responding with já and nei. Of course we had a delicious dinner and got to see Tómas and Katrín Maria, perfect. Plus we ended the evening with a swim in the hot pot and Zelia was thrilled to be back.

The next day Jacob went off to teach the grad students and we had a nice walk with Jack and Gerður. Zelia was leading the way and we both swear she was walking to leikskoli. Then we met Jacob at school, gave hugs and kisses to whomever we saw. After her very SHORT nap we went to the doctor´s since she was coughing and coughing still. Actually I had gotten her some cough medicine at the herbalist which loosened her up - a good thing- but she sounded terrible! Anyway, turned out she had an ear infection and we got her on a regimen of tylenol, cough medicine and saline nasal spray. After much screaming at the very nice doctor we headed to the store and enjoyed cake.

On Saturday morning we hit Bónus with Jamie and then went to the music time at the store. I am so happy that it is back up and running. It was a blast to see all the kids and friends and Zelia just went off on her own to play. After several hours there we went to visit Heiði, Alexander, Sigga and Edward. It was a lovely time and Zelia had a blast playing with Alexander again. It was a marathon day, from there we headed to Kata´s 75th birthday party (Gisli´s mother). More fabulous people and food, back in the stroller and to the other side of town for a pot luck at Birna´s with some of the students and the professors from Washington Jacob had taught for Friday morning. It was a feast, roast lamb, reindeer, potatoes, salads, and a delicious desert. Zelia again had a great time with Arnar, Birna´s son, who had the same pacifier.

After a delicious breakfast of fish, pancakes and eggs we headed out back home. The trip was long, about 5.5 hours and once we could see Skagatrönd Zelia burst out laughing, so happy to be home. We had a car full of stuff and we just let both Zelia and Jack out while we unloaded. It was so great to let them both just run around around the neighborhood and know we had no worries.