Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So our little town has 523 people in it - you know those last three! We have a samkaup market for food, a gas station with a convenience store and grill, bank, post office, preschool elementary school, health center, sport house, pool in the summer, community hall, elderly housing and international artists' residency with 10 people here at the moment, a town hall and a country western restaurant!

Actually it's the restaurant that provides the lunches for school if kids would like otherwise they head home to eat which is great. Jacob literally works down the street and is home everyday at 12 to eat with us. because of the restaurant the Samkaup carries about 15 kinds of BBQ sauce and you can take line dancing! There are limited hours during the winter but it is open. We haven't been yet but we will get there eventually.

The town is doing well for itself. Before the crisis hit they moved all their money out of the market and into a savings account so unlike other communities they are secure and financially growing. It is with the help of some of this money that BioPol was founded (company Jacob is working with) and the artists' residency. here is the site for it


This is horse country, sorry to tell you they are for riding and for eating. Our landlord who lives above us is a fisherman but also raises horses. We are excited to get Zelia on one this summer.