Monday, March 1, 2010


As Purim approached, we contacted Myrna, a cousin of a friend of Ima and Aba's from the synagogue, who now lives in Reykjavik - small word! Her husband works for the State Department so they are here for 2 years. Excited to get together with another Jewish family for a holiday we caught a ride with Siggi, one of Jacob's co-workers to Reykjavik, to their house. We brought a hallah and had a lovely Shabbat dinner on Friday night. Then on Saturday, after a slow morning, we headed out to the pool, which was fabulous. I have really missed being in pools and hot pots in particular. Zelia was SO excited about it that right when she woke up she put on her bathing suite and we had to explain that we weren't going quite yet:)

After a very long nap, Zelia woke and we made two different batches of Hamantashen, oznei haman, one with chocolate chip cookie dough and one more traditional. I made a prune filling, we used chocolate and some other jams and had a whole bunch of different flavors. After a pizza dinner we dug in and enjoyed.

On Sunday we woke and all headed to the flee market before we were dropped off at the bus to return. The flee market was a success, doll stroller for Zelia, torte and bread pans for us and the Fernandez family made a new discovery. Once at the bus terminal we had some plokfiskur for lunch and boarded the bus, yumm hadn't had it since we left. It was a long ride, well over 4 hours, the drive is 3, but it was nice to be honest. We asked for a transfer from Blondous to Skagastrond and when we got off the bus a man with his car was waiting for us, love it. It was a clear day after all the snow, but when we tried to get around to our house with the car we were blocked - snow drifts everywhere. He got us pretty close and we walked the rest of the way.

It was a nice weekend, but as always it is so nice to get home. Zelia was glad to be back in her bed and room and slept without waking even once!