Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Dreams

We had a lovely night on Friday night with Halldor, Sigga, Oli and Pali. In the morning Zelia and I made hallah and Zelia REALLY helped! She stirred the flour until it was too stiff and then had her own little hallah. I am still figuring out the convection oven and over baked it but it came out deliciously. Letting it rise in the laundry room does wonders:)

Halldor picked us up as the wind was blowing hard. They made a feast, roasted lamb, potatoes, sauted mushrooms, delicious sauce, peas and red cabbage. When we sat down and I asked Zelia what she wanted she said "Basar - meat" and She ate a lot of it! For dessert we had blueberries picked over the summer with whipped cream, strawberries and bananas and when we thought it was all over out came the congac and chocolate! Zelia was having a blast playing with the boys, especially Pali, and was given a big crate of toys to bring home including lego! The evening ended with Halldor playing guitar, Jacob learning and Zelia strumming.

Saturday remained incredibly windy and we went outside and put Zelia on her skiis for the first time!!!!!! We just were out on the said of the house. She was pretty unsure of the whole ordeal, but Jacob put his skiis on as well and they went back a forth once or twice. It was SO windy it was hard to walk. We then put her in the stroller to walk, but again the wind was blowing SO hard, we didn't get very far:) In the afternoon one of the artist residents gave a class in what ended up being art therapy. Jacob went and we stayed home - we should have know that in Iceland children are always welcome, so next time.....he came home with a painting for Zelia and a card for me, bot hanging on our walls now.

Sunday was a bit milder wind wise, but a bit colder as well. We headed out to visit the horses who were very fiendly and followed us along their pasture. Then we made a nice walking loop and Zelia dozed. In the afternoon Jacob went to Halldor's dad's house and we took a car he is selling for a test drive. There are SO many used cars for sale in this country. It is a great price and tempting but too small for us in reality so we will keep looking. We did get to go to Samkaup in Blonduos though and drive around a few neighborhoods. Actually we came across a house in town that we are VERY curious about...looks very green, huge sloped roof, almost no walls in a sense and a green house out back and fish drying on the line. Of course when jacob returned the car he was invited in for coffee and treats.

The nights with Zelia have been a bit rough lately as she is waking up from coughing. The last two nights only Jacob has gone in to sooth her which has made for a lot of screaming, but last night was better than the night before. The funny thing that happened was, after putting her to sleep we were sitting and watching Glee when we heard her talk, she kept saying "Sigalit, bishvil Sigalit, Jack-Jack, Jack-Jack" Sigalit is a character in one of her favorite books at the moment and at home Zelia pretends to go to Reykjavik in her car and bring Jack back, so we can only imagine that she was dreaming and bringing Jack to Sigalit!!!! This morning she said she was in the book with her. I love it!

Today we are heading to Leikskoli and in the the afternoon to the artists' residency where they are having an activity for kids. Then yoga for me and tomorrow morning we are off to Reykjavik! It's going to be a fun week, with swimming in nice pools, going to some cafes, getting Jack and heading to Isafjordur. We cannot wait to see folks there.

here are a few videos, skiing, laughing and harmonica.


Guy said...

Is Skagastrond not far from Blonshus?