Monday, March 22, 2010

Our week

Last Monday we had an "in all day" day, which was not so much what I had planned but all Zelia seemed to be able to muster. Perhaps after being away for the week staying in and at home was best. It was only my difficulty in changing my mindset that made things challenging. By Tuesday she was back up and running and we went to the sporthouse to meet the kids from Leikskoli. What fun she had. The smaller group, her group, didn't come but she had a blast running around with the older kids and they were SO sweet with her, taking her hand and bringing her along.

In the afternoon we headed over to visit Sigga and kids. We walked over in the wind and cold, Jacob went to the gym and then met us there. There was quite a spread when we arrived, with lots of fruit, homemade bread that Oli made in school. The kids here have cooking lessons from first grade up which is really great. Halldor drove us home and Pali and Oli came to meet Jack which was a big hit! Then on Wednesday Pali and Oli came over to babysit Zelia while I taught yoga. We thought Jacob would be going to Reykjavik but he ended up able to change his trip and he came to yoga as well. It was amazing, she just waved us off and we went! I think in about an hour Gudrun Anna showed up and right before the class was over Jacob got a call...she had fallen wouldn't stop crying.

Thursday afternoon Jacob hopped a ride to Reykjavik to return Friday night and we headed out to meet a woman with a 3 yr old and 10 month old for the afternoon. It was a nice afternoon and I actually did it all in Icelandic - hopefully it wasn't too painful for her!

Thursday night was a bit rough, the wind was howling, and I am scared of the dark to boot, ugh. Zelia went to sleep but woke at 4:20. I tried for an hour to get her to sleep, then left and she cried for half and hour, finally I told her to bring Shafan and come to my bed and we slept until 8!!!!! Blech. We woke Friday morning to continued wind and were not able to go anywhere!!!! I put her on my back to walk Jack, it was not easy walking and she wasn't as protected as I thought she might leikskoli. But we did make hallah and had a nice day none the less. Halldor knocked on our door just before five and took us to his house and then to Pali's birthday party. We were all at the youth house, the music was loud and the kids were having a lot of fun. There was pizza and rice crispy chocolate cake, Zelia was having SO much fun and hanging out the whole time with Gudrun Anna, who reports that she was speaking more and more Icelandic:) IT was nice to see the kids and the party all simple, nothing fancy. The gifts were the same, not over the top, small things, very nice in my opinion. Here are some pics of Zelia at the party!

We made it home around 9, got ready for bed and Jacob came in for the goodnight...perfect.