Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcome back Jack

Last Tuesday morning we headed for Reykjavik in Jacob´s work car...a big truck as I have mentioned before and boy did we need it by the end!

The drive was rather easy and Zelia did well. She was excited to get Jack and we had to keep reminding her that we weren´t going to get him until Thursday but that we would head to swim in a pool that night.

We arrived in Reykjavik in time for lunch at the hotel, a nice big salad bar, and then Jacob went to work for his meeting. Zelia and I headed to Laugarvegur to walk around and I wanted to find felt to make a felt story board for her. I wasn´t successful, but Zelia walked a lot and I did find a large health food store with lots of different flours and even amaranth. We went to a cafe and had some tea and pönnukokur. On the walk back she fell asleep again and even I was able to take a little nap back at the hotel. We were staying at Hotel Cabin which was quite nice, clean and comfortable, the nicest hotel we had stayed in Reykjavik yet. When Jacob finished with his meeting we went to find some dinner and found a great little place which was cheap and VERY good, yummi yummi. It is Thai food and it was delicious, plus they sold us a 5 kilo bag of short grain brown rice for 1300isk!!!! Jack-pot.

After dinner we headed out with the stroller to find a large swimming pool. We went the wrong way and what should have been a 5 minute walk was at least 45 minutes. There are many large geothermal pools in Reykjavik and we had yet to have been to one in the city. It was huge and fabulous but short lived as Jacob got a wicked migraine. We headed back and met Halldór, Jacob´s boss, across the street from the hotel. We shared his popcorn and bought ice cream and hung out for a while before heading to bed.

The next day Jacob had a pretty full day but we also had to go to the hospital with him to meet the head allergist and to get him back on his venom therapy schedule. Zelia and I headed into town in the rain, she napped and we met Lana and Erling for lunch at a great vegetarian restaurant, Á Næstu grösum, it was a good find and eventually Halldór and Jacob joined us. We spent a long time in the hospital where Jacob learned he would have to return once a week for the following month!!!!! Ugh. A few more errands including a stop at the Thai grocer and we went to Edda´s place to make dinner and spend the night.

We have stayed with Edda several times, she is my old friend Ylfa´s mom, who moved back to Reykjavik more than a year ago. She is incredibly hospitable and it is great to spend time with her. The next morning was the big day! Jacob left to get Jack and we waiting at home.

The doorbell rang and they were back!!!!!! Jack looked so cute, so fluffy and was so excited. Zelia was running around after home saying Jack Jack, here´s Jack. Jacob said that when he first saw him he thought he had a gained a tremendous amount of weight. They had groomed him and he was SO fluffy he looked huge! Can´t believe they groomed him! Before too long we got our things in the truck and we headed to Ísafjörður. With Jack in tow, Zelia ready for a nap and one errand to run we were all together again, our family:)