Monday, March 1, 2010

The interim

We left Isafjordur in the end of November and had a nice, sometimes too long, at the beginning stressful trip back in the US. While Jacob was looking for work and waiting to hear back from Hafro, the Marine Research Institute in Iceland about a job he had interviewed for the day before we left we stayed with my parents in an odd sort of limbo. Where would we be going next, what job, what health insurance, would we have to separate while I worked in one place and he in another - nothing was feeling particularly good. But before Christmas rolled around a job offer from MRI was in and we could breath again.

We spent the next 2 months not doing a lot, but thankfully we got to MN to see Mama Zee, to FL for a little sun, to NJ for lots of snow and Uncle Baki, Aunt Angie and family, to ME twice, once for Thanksgiving with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Ian and once for New Years, several visits into town to see Grandma Terri, Aunt Jocelyn, Uncle Noah, meet new baby Ari and Theo, Max, Sammie, Aunt Hallie, Uncle Adam, Grandpa Dennis and Riri. We are thankful for the time we got to spend with everyone.

We were especially excited to learn, on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, that I was pregnant!!!!! A baby born in Iceland, really could it get any better????

So, after a long while living half in and out of suitcases, packing and unpacking, clearing out the Salem house, we packed again, this time with Jack in tow and were back on a plane to Iceland. A new adventure...