Monday, March 1, 2010

Zelia's 2nd Birthday

Although the day before we left Boston we had a large brunch with friends and family to say goodbye and celebrate Zelia's birthday early, we had a perfectly lovely birthday on her birthday here in Skagastrond.

Zelia and I made cookies from Emita's cookbook, very similar to Odi cookies and I made a skyr cake. Johanna and her children, Gulli and Birta came and they all just played and played in the kitchen, with her balloons, it was perfect. Gulli and Birta are 9 year old twins and like so many Icelandic children just love to play with younger kids which is SO nice. Perfect 2 kids for the second birthday was just right.

The rest of the pictures are just from playing around the house and outside, making cookies, hallah, playing in water, getting ready for Shabbat and other daily chores.