Monday, March 1, 2010

Velkomin bak!

On the plane to Reykjavik I was struck, when we flew out of Isafjordur I was immensely and deeply sad, feeling like we were not only leaving Iceland before we were ready but leaving a truly special place that we may not be able to recapture. In Iceland, in Isafjordur, we found a place that we felt truly at home. Except for the lack of Jewish community it was perfect for us, communal, small, nature everywhere, Zelia was SO happy and was outside all the time, the politics meshed with ours and we felt we were living truly honestly with our ideals. I was feeling the bottom drop out as we took off. I felt acutely aware of how difficult it would be to recreate such a world in another place...but such is life and we would figure it out.

Now taking off from Boston, I was not filled with any of the same feelings, no deep sadness or feeling of huge loss. We love our families very much and we wish we could see them,e specially our siblings a lot more, but we felt like we were flying home. When we walked out of the airport both of us just sighed, so tired and so happy to be back!

Before I get there, however, we had a very nice flight, Zelia slept a lot and we had 3 seats. When we landed a flight attendant said she has heard Jack bark as he was unloaded and we knew he was going to picked up by the Quarantine folks in less than 2 hours. Zelia, then became the super traveler she is. In moments of waking up she was walking off the plane on her own. You would not believe all the things we carried on the plane and we had no hands to give her. She walked all the way to passport control, baggage claim, customs, all the way out to arrivals. I don't know how she did it on 3 hours of sleep, but she was amazing. When we walked out to arrivals we were greeted by Haldor, Jacob's boss at Biopol....a private company in Skagastrond that Jacob is to work in conjunction with as an MRI employee.

Thankfully he arrived with a large truck and we were able to get all of our things in with the skis hanging out the back and we were off. On our way into Reykjavik, we got a coffee and then met a woman from MRI at immigration where we were whisked through with no problems, what a treat. The off to the national registry to change our address, to MRI to get Jacob's computer, to Chinese food for lunch and some other office and then we were off for real to Skagastrond.